Within lies a place of
wonder and colour

Rejuvenate your mind and senses - with a
welcoming abode of tranquil serenity designed
especially for your relaxation.



A greeting inspired by
the contours of flora

Enter an enclosed world of peace and luxury - where the troubles of reality are left behind. A world of security and privacy - your very own discreet paradise.

A welcoming landscape of
peace and serenity

Come home to a lush landscape of natural beauty and modern conveniences. Spaces of peace await you, designed to meet your every need.

With a Smart Locker designed for convenience, parcel drop-offs and pick-ups have never been easier.

Drive your way to a smarter & greener future - with electric vehicle charging service from Go by City Energy. Do your part for Mother Earth as we build a greener, more connected city together.

A harmonious union of
productivity and comfort

Work, study, play - there’s a spot for everyone,whatever you’re up to. With state-of-the-art facilitiesfor work, entertainment, and more, you’re never toofar away from productivity.

1.Heron Water Play & Splash
2.50m Leisure Pool
3.Aqua Walk

Two 50m pools for
workouts and leisure

A sanctuary for your body and mind - the two
50m pools beckon you in, for an experience of
exclusive paradise.

Fitness begins
at home

Be spoilt for choice with a myriad of amenities all around you. Play host to family and friends, work up a sweat, or just kick back, and enjoy the beauty around you. You deserve it.

For all the catch-ups
and heart-to-hearts

Escape to serene spots of tranquility for those treasured moments with friends and family - take a breather and watch the world go by at your own pace.

1. Spice BBQ Pavilion
2. Herbs BBQ Pavilion

A private verdant
sanctuary of your own

Intimate trails of light, sound, and wonder unite in the Firefly Garden, creating an community teeming with life.Explore nature at a pace of your own with footpaths and jogging trails bringing you closer to Mother Earth.

Play and exercise across
wide open spaces

Engage your body in open spaces for fitness and vigour - where adventures of adrenaline lie in wait for all ages.

1.Adventure Playground & Mini Flying Fox
3.Mini Rock Climbing Wall
4.Trampoline Garden
5.Whimsical Play Garden